More Funny Wine Memes to Share with Friends

Find yourself someone who refills your glass without asking
It’s important to stay positive. Right now I am positive I need a glass of wine.
3 things you can never have too much of… Wine, good friends, and pretty shoes
My odds of winning the lotto and not drinking today are the same…Happy Friday!
My goal in life is for me and my best friend to become the old ladies who cause havoc in the nursing home
I’m giving up wine every day all month! No wait, that came out wrong. No wait, that came out wrong. I’m Giving Up. Wine Every Day All Month!
Here’s to loving yourself
When you’ve had enough of everyone’s shit and put yourself in time out
I’m not an alcoholic, but my best friend is, so when she drinks, naturally I do too, because I’m supportive like that.
Did you know 14 muscles are activated when opening a bottle of wine? Fitness is my passion.
Everybody needs a friend who will get drunk with you for no reason
When life gives you lemons, grab tequila & salt
When they open pubs and clubs…
Join the 2 Day Challenge! No alcohol on February 30 and 31!

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